1. In ReLEx SMILE, the Femtosecond laser is used to create a lenticule in the inner layers of the cornea.
  2. The Femtosecond laser is able to penetrate the surface of the cornea without any cutting involved or causing any damage to the surface layers.
  3. A small, micro incision (3-4mm) is created at the side of the cornea.
  4. The lenticule that was created earlier is gently removed through the small micro incision made.
  5. With the lenticule removed, the cornea shape is altered, which also changes the power of the eye.

Recommended for those who:

  • Prefer the idea of having a bladeless, flapless, and minimally invasive method of surgery
  • Want to have lesser eye discomfort after treatment (thanks to the small incision size)
  • Want to preserve as much of their original corneal strength as possible
  • Want to preserve as much corneal nerves as possible
  • Require an alternative to ASA or Femto-LASIK
  • Have thinner corneas
  • Have dry eyes

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