Preparations for LASIK

Q1. How do I know if I’m suitable?

Not everyone is a good candidate for laser eye surgery. To ensure you are suitable, you must first undergo a LASIK suitability assessment, or a full eye examination at OPTIMAX.

The eye examination also includes a very thorough counseling session where the following will be explained to you:

  • What method of surgery you are suitable / not suitable for
  • The way the surgeries are done
  • What to expect after the surgery
  • The risks and side effects that may apply to your individual condition
  • Aftercare
  • Pricing of surgeries and payment methods

Q2. Do I need to stop wearing my contact lenses before I come for my pre-LASIK assessment?

Yes, you do.

  • For soft contact lens wearers, we recommend that you lay off your lenses for 1 to 2 weeks before your eye examination.
  • For semi hard or RGP contact lens wearers, we recommend that you lay off your lenses for at least a month before your eye examination.

Q3. Do I need to make an appointment before coming?

Yes, an advanced appointment booking is recommended to avoid any waiting time or disappointment (eg: availability of optometrists or surgeons)

Q4. How long is the pre-LASIK assessment/ eye examination?

The eye examination takes roughly 2-3 hours to complete.

Q5. Why is the eye examination so long?

Because we practice a NO COMPROMISE policy when it comes to your safety. Therefore we need to ensure that:

  • you are really suitable for treatment, and that the surgery can be performed on your eyes safely, and with minimal risk.
  • you understand the risks that may apply to your eye condition

Q6. What tests are being done during the eye examination?


  • Amblyopia/ lazy eye assessment
  • Visual acuity
  • Refraction – eye power measurement
  • External ocular muscle assessment
  • Intraocular crystalline lens examination
  • External eye examination
  • Ocular crystalline lens examination
  • Fundus eye examination
  • Corneal topography (corneal mapping)
  • Corneal pachymetry (corneal thickness)
  • Color vision test
  • Dry eye assessment

That’s a lot of tests. What are the significance of all those tests? More info at EYE EXAMINATION explanation page

Q7. If I’v done my eye examination elsewhere, can I do my laser treatment without having to undergo another eye examination at OPTIMAX?

No. We cannot vouch for the accuracy and reliability of tests performed elsewhere.

Q8. If I’m not suitable for LASIK treatment, how can I get rid of my glasses?

OPTIMAX offers other refractive procedures for those who are not suitable for LASIK treatment, it includes Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL), Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE), Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lens and Ortho-K lens.

Q9. I’m starting to have difficulty in seeing near objects, can LASIK solve my problem?

Early onset of presbyopia (difficulty in reading) can be corrected with LASIK treatment. However, OPTIMAX also offers other ocular surgeries for those who have more serious reading problems.