LASIK Risks and Side Effects

Q1. I’m worried that my LASIK surgery may be unsuccessful or that the procedure may cause blindness?

Don’t worry. All LASIK procedures in Optimax achieved results of 99% in functional vision and 100% in safety, as audited by the Healthcare Performance Measurement Report System (HPMRS).

* Optimax surgery results are audited by independent parties – eg HPMRS.
* Optimax is an ISO certified centre, which means that we have to upkeep the highest standard of care to fulfill stringent ISO requirements

Q2. Does LASIK surgery come with any risks?

Yes, of course. Every surgery has its own risks, and all these risks will vary among individuals.

Which is why our NO COMPROMISE, pre-treatment eye examinations take 2 to 3 times longer, or require more measurements than other clinics. We need to make sure that

  • you are really suitable for treatment, and that the surgery can be performed on your eyes safely, and with minimal risk.
  • you understand the risks that may apply to your eye condition.

Q3. Does LASIK surgery come with any side effects?

Yes, they do. The side effects that come with LASIK are normally short-term, and during the recovery process.

Some of the common ones are:

  • temporary dry eyes, which can be overcome with the use of artificial tears or lubricant drops
  • minor vision fluctuation during the recovery process

Which is why your post operative checkups are scheduled in a such way that we can monitor your recovery process.