Dr Stephen Chung Soon Hee


He is a LASIK specialist with decades of experience in Laser Vision Correction from PRK to ReLEx SMILE.

Trained extensively with eye surgeons from Optimax UK for the then revolutionary PRK refractive laser procedure and later performed the first PRK operation in Optimax KL in 1995.

He started LASIK in Optimax Malaysia in early 2000.

Having carried out over 25,000 laser procedures, his vast experience in the field made him one of the most sought after experts in the region.

Dr Chung has presented numerous studies and papers on laser refractive surgery at both local and international medical conferences, and regularly contributes to the development of laser refractive surgery by sharing his knowledge with other surgeons around the world, as well as helping with the training of other laser refractive surgeons.

He is also actively involved with the development of ReLEx SMILE in Malaysia, which is the latest technology in the world of laser refractive surgery.

Dr Stephen is currently based at the Optimax Eye Specialist Centre in TTDI and visits Kuching.

Dr Stephen Chung Soon Hee