Dr Marcus Ng Kang Kok

MBBS (Taiwan), M.S. Ophthal (UKM)

Dr Marcus Ng Kang Kok is originated from Melaka. He is a highly qualified Ophthalmologist with postgraduate recognitions from the National University of Malaysia (UKM).

As the senior consultant ophthalmologist of the Ophthalmology Department in Hospital Melaka, Dr Marcus Ng has vast experience in teaching ophthalmology master students and Manipal Medical College students. Dr Marcus Ng is highly proficient in doing cataract and refractive surgeries. During his time in Hospital Melaka, he performed various surgery including vitreo retinal, glaucoma, pediatric and oculoplasty surgeries.

Besides offering a wide range of laser refractive surgery and LASIK, Dr Marcus Ng is also highly skilled in performing multifocal lens implants, Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL) and Femtosecond cataract surgery. Other services provided including pterygium surgery, glaucoma, diabetes eye disease, age related macula degeneration management, pediatric eye care and laser procedures eg. Yag and Argon.

Dr Marcus Ng is currently based at the Optimax Eye Specialist Hospital in Muar and Segamat.

Dr Marcus Ng Kang