Management of Eye Diseases & other Ocular Conditions

Contact lens related complications

Various Contact Lens Complications

Improper use or care of contact lenses may potentially cause complications to the front part of the eye.

Here are some “good to know” contact lens related complications:

Dry eye

Deficiency or excessive tear evaporation
Symptoms includes burning sensation, foreign body sensation, dryness and blurry vision

Dry Eye

Corneal Ulcer

Caused by either:

  • over-wearing of contact lens / wearing lenses to sleep
  • wearing of improperly cleaned contact lenses

Corneal ulcers may result in serious loss of vision.

Symptoms include: redness, pain, foreign-body sensation, tearing, and pus discharge from the eye, blurry vision and increased sensitivity to light.

Corneal Ulcer

Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (Allergic)

Caused by either:

  • mechanical abrasion from contact lens
  • wearing of contact lenses that are not cleaned properly

Symptoms include itchy, a stringy mucous discharge and blurry vision. If you or any of your friends/family members experience any of the above, it is important to seek proper management and treatment from your eye care practitioner.

Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis